At Zoë and Piper your Jewlery has Meaning

Zoë + Piper... jewelry with a conscience.

Specializing in spiritual jewelry for the yoga lover and eco-conscious person, you will surely find something by Zoë and Piper that speaks to you on a personal level. Positive affirmation jewelry, lotus jewelry, buddha jewelry, energizing and healing gemstones... these will become some of your favorite everyday pieces. Need something for yoga practice? Or maybe you're having lunch with the girls and you want to wear something that reflects your beliefs and has positive energy radiating from it. Or it's a lazy Sunday morning and you're headed to the farmers market... we have you covered with beautiful jewelry that has meaning.

I have always had the entrepreneur spirit! From selling paste creations in elementary school (no, seriously) to making custom hair scrunchies in middle school for the girls and many many other adventures in between, I have been creating since I can remember. In the jewelry business since 1996, I've showcased a wide array of artisan jewelry. In 2013 I started a new line of sterling silver and gemstone jewelry that represented my style and philosophy... Zoe and Piper was born! The name is inspired by my daughter, Piper. Paired with zoë, which means 'life' in greek, it is the perfect combination of meaningful words. If only we could see the world through a child's eyes, wouldn't it be a better place?

Zoë and Piper's first pendants speak for themselves, literally. The buddha pendant has words of inspiration written across the front and back: "Compassion, Karma, Peace, Love, Kindness, Respect and Tranquility" - words to live by. The Herbivore pendant speaks out for Vegetarians, Vegans and Animals alike. 

At Zoë and Piper, we are proud to donate a portion of proceeds to select animal sanctuaries and advocacy groups. Working with and caring for animals has always been an important part of my life, and this is my little way of giving back.