OM and Elephant Necklace in Sterling Silver with Black Spinal and Green Chrysoprase Gemstones, #6872S


As the main symbol of Hinduism, the OM represents the One-ness of all creation, the sound of the Sun and the sound of Light. Chanting the Om mantra revitalizes ones body, nourishes the soul and calms the minds.

Om is considered the most powerful of all the mantras (chants), and is the prefix or the beginning sound of all other mantras. Also written as aum or ohm.

Elephants are a symbol of wisdom, loyalty, intelligence, and strength. They have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world and are considered a symbol of good luck with it's trunk in an upright position.

This elephant necklace has a black spinal gemstone briolette and a cluster of green chrysoprase baubles, making this a cheerful charm necklace.

The elephant pendant measures 7/8 inch wide and 3/4 inch long including the bale.

Choose from a 16, 18 or 20 inch rhodium plated sterling silver box chain.

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