Sage Smudge Mists with Essential Oils, Healing Energy, #6267


Sacred Sage Energy Healing Smudge Mists are handcrafted with the finest organic essential oils to create powerful smokeless smudging sprays. Each bottle is created during sacred ceremony and imbued with mindful intention, love, protection, healing, and blessings. Every bottle contains a quartz crystal charged under the full moon for additional power and protection. Mists come beautifully packaged in 4oz Amber Boston Round glass bottles with fine mist sprayers.

Sage clears negative energy while providing clarity, healing, wisdom, and spiritual awareness. Sage transforms energy, brings change, and is used to bless and cleanse the person, object, or space being smudged.

Lavender offers healing, peace, restores emotional balance, and attracts loving energy while creating a harmonious atmosphere. The combination of lavender and sage is an excellent choice for cleansing a home where stress or relationship problems exist.

Cedar offers protection, purification, and attracts healing energy. The combination of cedar and sage is an excellent choice for blessing a home before taking residence, inviting unwanted spirits to leave and protecting a person, place, or object from unwanted influences.

Sage is a an excellent choice for any type of psychic work or spiritual work and is used in preparation for ritual, divination or house blessing.

Rosemary is calming, offers protection, and restores mental clarity, allowing negative thoughts to be released. The combination of rosemary and sage is an excellent choice for mediators.

Sacred Sage Smudge Mists are wonderful smokeless alternatives to traditional smudging in places such as offices, yoga studios, hotels, and other spaces where smoke may not be desirable. They are also a viable alternative for those with respiratory sensitivities to smoke such as children and pets.

Directions: Shake gently to disperse the essential oils and other ingredients. Focus on your intention as you would while smudging in the traditional manner and spray mist into the air, around the body, and around the space you wish to purify. Perfect for sacred ceremony, purification, ritual, and everyday energy cleansing.

Ingredients: Organic essential oils, purified water, witch hazel, Himalayan rock salt, and a quartz crystal.

Please be mindful of any allergies or sensitivities prior to purchase and use. The descriptions provided are for informational purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness, and are not a substitute for proper medical advice or treatment. All pregnant women should consult a doctor before using any new products as certain essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy.

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