Three Dimensional Sitting Buddha and Lotus Flower Pendant, #7447-ss


This beautiful three dimensional pendant features the silhouette of a buddha sitting within a lotus flower. It is the perfect size to be worn as a small pendant, and since it is double sided, it is also perfect for a charm! 

Buddha comes from the Sanskrit root 'budh', meaning to awaken. Anyone who has become enlightened or fully awakened to the true nature of things is considered a Buddha. The important function of a Buddha is to act as a teacher and to lead others.

Buddhists liken the unfolding of the lotus petals to the unfolding of the divine within the human self. The closed bloom represents the heart with its infinite potential for enlightenment; the open blossom represents the enlightened self. In Buddhism the lotus blossom represents a heart opening. The lotus flower blooms on the surface of water, with its roots deep below in mud - making it a symbol of light and beauty emerging from darkness. 

This exclusive pendant is part of our ' Jewelry with a Conscience ' charity line, which donates a portion of the proceeds to selected animal sanctuary groups and animal advocacy groups. This buddha and lotus flower pendant and/or charm measures 5/8'' long x 3/8'' wide and is crafted of solid sterling silver. Made in the USA by Zoe + Piper.

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