New Moon Phase Necklace with Wood, #6358-ss


Celebrate the new moon with this vertical lunar moon phase bar necklace. Sterling silver has been set over black Arang wood, making this a dramatic necklace. Each piece of wood has been hand carved from the remnants of furniture making in Bali. This is the natural color and texture of Arang wood, it hasn't been stained or treated with harsh chemicals. Each piece is unique and small variations in color are to be expected.

The moon has always been a powerful and symbolic part of cultures around the world.

The Eight Lunar Phases or Moon Cycles

New Moon: New beginnings, fresh start, rebirth - at time to set intentions
Crescent Moon: Action, intention, hopes, wishes, growth, energy - act on your intentions
First Quarter Moon: Movement, challenges, decisions, action, strength, determination - keep going forward
Gibbous Moon: Adjust, refine, edit, gaining, attaining - fine tune your plans
Full Moon: Abundance, fertility, transformation, release, detoxing, peaked emotions - powerful time for spirituality, guidance and healing.
Disseminating Moon: Contemplation, gratitude, sharing. Good time for quitting bad habits and destructive behaviors.
Last Quarter Moon: Reflection, let go, purge, forgive - focus on the positive.
Balsamic Moon: Surrender, release, rest, recuperate, calmness - focus on the internal self rather than the external world

Size: lunar pendant measures just shy of 1 1/4 inches in length and 5/16 inches in width. 18 inch box chain.
Material: sterling silver, Arang wood, box chain

The learn more about the eight phases of the moon, click here

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