Sterling Silver Sacral Chakra Necklace with Carnelian Stone on 18 Inch Bead Chain


Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. Most Eastern traditions describe seven major chakra points, each correlating to a different part of the body. These are where 2 or more channels of energy cross in your body, forming an energy center. When your energy flow is out of balance or gets blocked, you can become ill. Your chakras become out of alignment and in turn so does your mood, body, health-basically your life. When working on your chakras, start at the Base chakra and work your way up. You want to heal the lower chakra levels before proceeding to work on the higher levels. The 3 primary chakras below the Heart chakra are mainly related to your physical body and the perceived world around us. The 3 primary chakras above the Heart chakra are spiritual in nature. The Sacral(Svadisthana) Chakra is the 2nd primary chakra. It's just below the belly button(if you rest your thumb in over your belly button your fingers should be covering it). Svadisthana means “one’s sweetest abode” or “one’s own place” and has 6 lotus petals. The petals are associated with affection, pitilessness, feeling of all-destructiveness, delusion, disdain and suspicion. This chakra deals with assimilation on many levels-sexually, food, ideas and creativity-and is referred to as the center of self-expression and joy. Keypoints: creativity, energy storage, relationships, addictions, sexuality. Color: orange. Gemstones: carnelian(activating), emerald(calming), moonstone(balancing), aquamarine(balancing). Carnelian is a ‘feel better’ stone. It helps with memory, speech and live performances. It will bring vitality, compassion, courage and self-esteem to those who wear it. Carnelian will also ease the negative energies felt from anger, envy, fear, and confusion. Astrological associations: Taurus, Cancer and Leo. Chakras: sacral. Materials: sterling silver pendant, 18" 1mm sterling silver bead chain, carnelian stone, silver filled wrapping wire. Size: 3/4 in. wide.

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