Detailed Ancient Greek Coin Pendant with Athenas Owl in 24k Gold Plated Bronze for Men or Women, #7006


24k Gold Plated Bronze Ancient Coin Pendant with Athena's Owl. This is a replica of an ancient Greek coin. In Greek mythology Athena is the goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, crafts, justice and skill. In Homeric poetry, Athena's most common epithet translates to bright-eyed or with gleaming eyes, much like an owl. Many scholars argue that Athena is the owl herself - she is wisdom. This pendant is suitable for men or women. We also offer it on a chain, in sterling silver and in bronze. 24k Gold Plated Bronze owl pendant is 3/4" wide. Zoe and Piper is proud to donate a portion of their proceeds to select animal sanctuaries and advocacy groups. Visit our Zoe and Piper Storefront to view our entire collection of jewelry we currently offer. We carefully pack your jewelry piece in a kraft jewelry box suitable for gift giving.

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