10mm Blue Tiger Eye Energy Bracelet with Lotus Charm, #6674


AA quality 10mm round blue tiger eye beads make up this energy bracelet that can be worn alone or stacked together. Great as a meditation bracelet, mala bracelet and yoga wear! Blue tiger eye, also known as Hawk’s Eye tiger eye is a soothing, calming stone. Working with the Throat and Third Eye chakras, it will provide insight into internal conflicts and emotional or mental issues. Blue tiger eye will increase all forms of psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance. It has a ‘go with the flow’ attitude, aiding in relief from fears, phobias and hot tempers. It helps with emotional balance, fatigue and depression. Hawk’s eye will heal on a metabolic level and is especially good for vision and the digestive system. Astrological associations: Capricorn. Chakras: solar plexus. Comes with sterling silver lotus charm. Buddhists liken the unfolding of the lotus petals to the unfolding of the divine within the human self. The closed bloom represents the heart with its infinite potential for enlightenment; the open blossom represents the enlightened self. Bracelet fits a wrist approximately 6 1/2 - 7 1/2 inches around. Positive affirmation jewelry, lotus jewelry, buddha jewelry, energizing and healing gemstones... these will become some of your favorite everyday pieces.

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