Heavy Flame Fire Skull Biker Stainless Steel Ring Size 10-14


Heavy Flame Fire Skull Biker Stainless Steel Ring

* Metal: Stainless Steel
* 1.10" Long

* Makes a great gift for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, congratulations, friendship, graduation,Valentine?s Day, and much more

Wearing the skull ring can also represent the human equality and total commitment to your duties. In biker culture, loyalty and commitment are the bigger ideal thing. It has been considered as a visual reminder to committed and loyal toward your own life, your community, road and entire way of your life

Skull rings are the most popular symbols for free spirits like rockers or bikers. They know that life is short so they enjoy it while it lasts. A reminder of life. The actual image of the skull shows various things at once. It means, at the same time it symbolizes death and also symbolizes the power of life

The skull is also the remnant of the body that is the least resistant to decay ? another sign of its strength as a symbol. Many primitive cultures believed wearing skulls would insure protection and well-being.

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