Large Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace, #6553-ss



There is a lot of history behind the infinity symbol. Infinity comes from the Latin word "infinitas," meaning boundlessness. It has no beginning and no end, reflecting the belief that in life and in the universe, there is nothing but an unending continuum. In ancient India and Tibet, it represented perfection, dualism, and unity between male and female. In the occult tarot, it's linked to magic and represents equilibrium or the balance of various forces. No wonder it's such a popular symbol in jewelry! Wear one to remind yourself of your limitless potential or give one as a give to a friend or a partner to show them your invested in the relationship for eternity.

Materials: sterling silver infinity pendant, sterling silver rolo chain.

Size: infinity pendant measures 1 inch across. Choose from 16 inch or 18 inch length chain.

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