Limited Edition Lapis Kite Shape Gemstone Focal Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver Adjustable 26" - 28" #6903-lap


Limited edition lapis kite shape gemstone focal necklace in sterling silver. The adjustable length 26" - 28" length makes this a perfect center chest focal point on it's own
and is very suitable for layering.

Beautiful blue lapis is known as the "feel better" stone. Lapis is a multi-purpose stone bringing the wearer vitality, creative expression, and is also known to prevent illness. Hand-crafted in our Zoe and Piper Studio in Arizona. Also available in amethyst and rose quartz.

Size: natural lapis kite shape gemstone pendant is approximately 1 3/4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.
Materials: natural lapis gemstone pendant and beads, sterling silver chain and beads.

* Each gemstone has their own individual characteristics and may not match photo exactly.

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