Marc Antia Cuff Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Bracelet size 7 1/8" #B319


New Heavy Hand Crafted Marc Antia Deep Stamped Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Wide Cuff Bracelet

* Hallmarked
* Approximate Interior Diameter: 7 1/8"
* Aproximate outer diameter: 8 1/8"
* Gap: 1.23"
* Width: 1.32"
* Metal: Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
* Weight: 125 grams

**Prior to purchase, please check with your preferred local jeweler as they may or may not be able to size bracelet for a custom fit. We do not provide that service.

Marc Antia. Part Apache and part German, artist Marc Antia is a self-taught silversmith that has being making jewelry for decades. When he isn't masterfully working on new pieces, he travels across the United States to display his work at Native American jewelry and craft shows

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