Small Round Lotus Flower Necklace with Words of Inspiration, #8227-ss


Add some inspiration to your wardrobe with this artfully detailed reversible lotus blossom pendant with words of inspiration. This pendant hangs from an 18" rhodium plated sterling silver chain.

One side of the pendant has a raised lotus flower with meaningful words about self confidence inscribed in the background, while the reverse side displays a lotus flower with words in the petals. A very interesting piece.

This creative jewelry is designed by artists who use the natural wonders of nature for their inspiration. They have transformed their unique style into a fun and enlightening jewelry line that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Buddhists liken the unfolding of the petals to the unfolding of the divine within the human self. The closed bloom represents the heart with its infinite potential for enlightenment; the open blossom represents the enlightened self.

This sterling silver lotus pendant measures 9/16" in diameter and is suspended from an 18" rhodium diamond cut ball chain.

Handmade in the USA. 

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