Vertical Bronze Moon Phase and Amethyst Necklace on an 18" Gold Fill Box Chain, #6206-brz


This lunar phase and amethyst gemstone necklace is great for wearing alone or layered with your favorite necklaces.
Each phase of the moon has its own meaning. New moons are for beginnings, for example, while the waning moon is believed to be a good time for clearing negative influences.
Amethyst is a popular gemstone that is used as a symbol of peace and unification. It is also thought to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness in those who wear it. Amethyst is often used during meditation to provide an overall sense of spiritual balance.

Material: bronze pendant, amethyst gemstone, gold filled box chain.
Size: The pendant is approx. 25 mm in length, amethyst gemstone is approximately 4.5mm diameter and comes on an 18 inch gold filled box chain.

*Due to the individuality of gemstones, each one will have their own characteristics and may not match the photo exactly.

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